How to Get Squirrels Out of Your Chimney

Chimneys take a lot of maintenance to keep in good working order. When safety measures fail, Tallahassee wildlife can invite itself in to the chimney. Squirrels may find it a nice place to nest, or accidentally fall in. Either way, you can have a big problem on your hands when the season for fire burning rolls around. If you have fallen behind on your chimney care and suspect you have an unwanted guest, there is help available.

Be Prepared to Wait
The Tallahassee squirrel in your chimney most likely does not have a way to get out of the predicament. This is bad for both you and the squirrel, as the animal will starve to death in the chimney. You are going to most likely need a professional for this one, but you can help a little. The main thing you need to do is give the squirrel a way to get out of the chimney. A rope can give an option to climb out. Have a professional place the rope with sufficient length in the chimney. It is never a good idea to climb up on your own roof without proper experience and safety equipment. After this, it is a waiting game. The scared animal will most likely not exit with you in sight. Luring out an animal can also be unsuccessful if the Florida animal is hurt and cannot move as it normally would.

Consult a Wildlife Professional
There are many groups that prioritize removal with live methods. The survival of the Florida animal is considered as they find a way to solve the problem. They deal with these problems daily and will know what to do. If you have the patience to let them proceed with the removal, it can be a very rewarding experience. They will usually suggest that you let someone come to your house who has the correct equipment for the job. A fast, scared squirrel may exit your chimney quite quickly when presented with an opportunity. It is best to have someone experienced who is ready to deal with the Tallahassee animal.

Noise and Trapping
You may be able to simply startle the Tallahassee squirrel enough to leave the comfort of your chimney. If a rope is in place they definitely have a way out once you start making loud noises. Play some loud music, run around the room, or bang on something metal to create a commotion. Be prepared, the squirrel may come down the chimney as opposed to going up. Close the doors on your fireplace. If other methods do not work, you may have to set a trap in the room of your fireplace. Close off the room, open up the fireplace and lure the Florida squirrel into a live trap.

Wildlife gets into some odd places from time to time. Thankfully there are people prepared to deal with this issue. A professional is usually your best option once a squirrel gets trapped in your home somewhere. Chimneys’ can be dangerous and should be approached with caution. Take care that you stay safe while trying to remove the Tallahassee squirrel.

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