Can a Skunk Spray More Than Once?

If you see a Tallahassee skunk wandering across your path, your immediate thought will probably be how to avoid getting sprayed. Most people are familiar with the noxious smell that skunks can emit through a spray when they are afraid or feel threatened. If you have ever been sprayed or had one of your pets get sprayed, you will know how difficult it is to eradicate the smell completely. One question you may have is if you spot a skunk spray a creature nearby whether you could still be the next victim. In other words: Can Florida skunks spray more than once in succession?

The odor
The most well-known thing about skunks, as noted above, is the obnoxious odor that they are able to discharge if they are provoked. Interestingly, the oily liquid that they spray can go up to 10-15 feet away. What’s more, they can spray it some 6 times in succession! This means that if you keep provoking the animal after sprayed, you may get more and more of the discharge on you. If the liquid gets into the eyes, it is very painful and it can lead to temporary blindness for 15 minutes.

Skunks usually stamp their feet, growl or hiss and they then raise the tail erect, warning a person that there is an oncoming discharge. Once the Tallahassee skunk discharges all the liquid, it takes up to 10 days to fully replenish the supply again. One of the things that people should know is that the Florida skunks will usually spray the liquid as a last resort only. In most cases, the skunk only prefers to retreat once faced with danger, but if this isn’t possible, then the spray comes in handy.

If you happen to come upon a Florida skunk or if one wanders onto your property, you should avoid it if at all possible so that it does not perceive you as a threat. As mentioned in the article above, even if you see another unfortunate creature get sprayed, you still are not safe because they can spray multiple times in succession. You should always take precautions when around a Tallahassee skunk not only to avoid getting sprayed but also to avoid other negative effects that may come from an interaction with this animal. Keeping yourself from getting sprayed is much more preferable to dealing with the aftermath.

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