Do You have an Opossum Under Your Porch?

You do a lot of things that make your home more decorative and functional for you. This includes putting in a top notch porch or deck, or adding a shed that can hold your gardening and lawn materials. These are things that really add to the beauty of a home. Sadly, they are also things that a Tallahassee opossum will find as the ideal place to setup a home. They provide darkness during the day, and they provide seclusion so that these nocturnal animals have a place to sleep during the day time where they will not be in danger. So, how do you know if there is a Florida opossum living under your porch or in your shed? Here are some indicators to watch for.

The first place to start is to watch these areas as dusk begins. That is when they are likely to come out to start foraging for food. Before you want to start a search for these animals, it is safer to just watch and see if you see the Florida animal appearing. This will ensure that you will not startle it when it is sleeping, causing it to attack you. That could be really bad, as some of these Tallahassee animals carry rabies and other diseases.

If you do not see them come out as it gets to be dark but still think there is one there, then it is time to do a little more searching. Possums like to create a nest of sorts, called a burrow, where they sleep during the day. This will either be some kind of hole in the ground that is surrounded by leaves or other materials or, in the case of your shed, will be a place where materials you may have in your shed, like newspapers or blankets, may be pulled apart to make a little nest. This would be a clear indicator. Before you start your search, however, make sure that you find a method of entry where the Tallahassee possum can enter the shed or get under the porch. If you see no hole or gap that would allow access, then maybe your concerns are unfounded. However, if you find this, then you are likely facing the issue.

Now it is time to begin your search to see if you find these burrows or these materials built like a nest. If you see them, then you know you have a Florida opossum. Now it is time to start looking for means to scare the Tallahassee animal away, and ensure that it cannot come back. This can be done quite easily, but will be left for another article to explain to you how to scare off these animals.

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