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How to Remove and Replace Insulation in an Attic

If you had an invasion of any type of Florida animals in your attic, they are going to leave behind a certain level of damage. If the invading animals were rodents like rats and mice, they probably got into your insulation and partially or totally destroyed it. Rats and mice are known to use insulation for their nests, and they also can leave feces and urine throughout the material. The feces of Tallahassee animals often contain diseases that can be passed on to humans through direct or indirect contact. This means that you will need to completely remove and replace the insulation in your attic.

Before you start any project of removing the insulation in your attic, you have to make sure that the insulation does not have asbestos. The Tallahassee homes that were built from 1930 until 1950 may have asbestos in their insulation. The blown-in insulation is found in two types, cellulose and fiberglass. Cellulose insulation uses recycled newspaper and fiberglass blown-in uses white cotton balls. The two have to be put in a large bag for disposal. To remove blanket and batt insulation, you should wear goggles, a dust mask, gloves and long sleeved shirts. Get the blanket and the batt away from the floor cavity and wall. Use a utility knife to get rid of the Florida batt. The insulation should be disposed of in a heavy duty trash bag.

Use plastic sheets in order to protect the places that you do not wish to expose to the fibers from the insulation. Close off the doorways or use plastic sheets that are taped on the openings of rooms. If the insulation has been removed completely, you should clean the entire area before you can add new insulation. Removing and replacing the insulation in your attic can be a challenging job. However, it is very necessary when Florida animals have contaminated the material with their feces or urine. If only part of the insulation was affected, you may try to just repair it. This is not recommended as there could be some traces of urine or feces that are not easily seen. It is better to be safe and completely remove and replace the insulation. If you prefer, you can call a professional in to handle the job for you. They will have the right tools, experience and knowledge to install your insulation.

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