What Kinds of Animals Dig Up Your Yard?

If you wake up to discover several holes dug in your yard, it may be a mystery as to what Tallahassee animal dug them during the night. There are a wide variety of different animals that are known to burrow and dig. They typically engage in this behavior in their search for food or when they are working to build a habitat for themselves and their young. This article will discuss some of the more common animals that are likely to dig up your yard. The following information could help you figure out what animals are digging mystery holes in your Florida yard.

Raccoons will roll up in your yard while looking for larval insects or grubs. Skunks will make individual holes while looking for insect larvae. The Florida squirrels will dig the places where they will bury their foods. Skunks and raccoons work at night while squirrels work in the day. Skunks are usually the culprits that are digging in your yard. The soil disruption will be seen overnight since the skunks feed during the night. There can be many holes at once in the area and it may look as if they had been tilled. The Tallahassee skunks may be looking for grubs, earthworms or soil insects.

Raccoons use their front paws as their hands. They flip or pull the pieces of sod, especially in areas that have been newly laid with sod or with shallow roots. Moles make the piles of soil on a surface since they are being pushed up from underneath. There will be no visible holes. In the winter since the ground is frozen, the moles will be pushing soil on the surface because they will be active. They are feeding on Florida earthworms and sometimes on the soil and grubs. If you have holes that have been dug in your yard but you aren’t sure what specific animal dug them, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which animal is the culprit as so many different types of animals engage in this behavior. Some of the more likely animals that it could be are Tallahassee fox, skunks, raccoons, moles, and voles. Of course it could be the neighbor’s dog as well. You can take some proactive measures, such as installing a fence, to ensure that no animal is able to disrupt your landscaping with unsightly and dangerous holes throughout your property.

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