Types of Florida Water Snakes

Florida is known for its many varied species of wildlife. Its warm climate is hospitable to a number of both native species and non-native species that have been introduced into the environment. Among its most well-known animals are a wide variety of Tallahassee snakes that thrive in the Sunshine State. There are more than 40 species of snakes that call Florida home. Some of these snakes spend most of their time in water, which is a concern for those who want to participate in recreational activities in the many sources of water in Florida. Some of these snakes are described below.

Southern Copperhead
The southern copperhead is found around the Apalachicola River and the west side of the panhandle. These snakes are lined with alternative crossbands that are russet and a dark brown color.They have scales like a plate in front of the eyes. It lives on the bottom of rivers, the outskirts of swamps and wet gorges.

Banded Water Snakes
The length of the body of this type of snake reaches 1.1 m. The upper lip is composed of 10-14 scales. These snakes are often found in areas of lowland freshwater and brackish water.It is most commonly found on the edges of a river that flows slowly. Male Tallahassee snakes arebigger than females.

Moccasin Water Snake
This Tallahassee snake isapproximately 2-8 ft. with a large body.The back of the snake is dark olive or black, with a pale belly.It has a triangular head with pointy shaped pupils. It has a white coating in the mouth, which is why they are often called 'Cotton Mouth'.Their poison can cause tissue damage, organ damage and blood clots.It will not attack unless threatened. Water moccasins are semi-aquatic and spend most of their time near a water source.

If you live in Florida or are planning on taking a trip to this very popular state, you should be aware of some of the water snakes you could encounter, especially if you are planning on spending time in some of Florida’s water sources. The southern copperhead, Tallahassee banded water snakes and moccasin water snake are examples of snakes that prefer to spend most of their time in the waters of Florida. If you come across these or any of the other 40 species of snakes in Florida, make sure you act very cautiously and avoid them if possible.

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